“Osotono Terrace” We’d like to introduce summer festivals and fireworks festivals in our neighborhood!

Summer is definitely about festivals and fireworks!
So, we would like to introduce summer festivals and fireworks festivals held near our facility.

August 7th Ichikawa Misato Hometown Summer Festival Shinmei Fireworks Festival

It is a fireworks festival held on August 7th (The Fireworks Day) every year. It takes approximately 18 mins to get to the viewing area…
About 20,000 fireworks are set off in the sky, and the highlight is a big flower-like fireworks being 500 meters in diameter at the height of 500 meters.

In the past, it was chosen on a TV program as Number 1 for “the most amazing must-see fireworks display that pyrotechnicians selected.”

We also do fireworks with a message you want to deliver, so we can shoot fireworks with a message you like.
How about giving a memorable present to your important person as a surprise?
*The number of people doing the fireworks with a message is limited. It is necessary to pay sponsorship money in order to do it.

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Shinmei Fireworks Festival


August 14th Fireworks Festival in the Hiraoka District

It is held in the Hiraoka District which is located in the north of Osotono Terrace.
The detail of the fireworks festival is not on the Internet, and it’s a recommended one by local people.




8/26 August 26rd Hotarumikan’s Festival

It is approximately 3 mins away from our facility by car and held at Hotarumikan with a homey atmosphere.
Hula dance, Japanese drum performances, evening market and Bon Odori will take place.
How about soaking in a nostalgic feeling as if you were joining a festival in your hometown?

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Festival lanterns (image)

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